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Praktisk info

Practical information

The studio

Our studio is located in beautiful surroundings in the center of Gilleleje, by forest and beach. With only 50 m to the water's edge, many people end up with a sea bath.

The entire studio is barefoot, and you put on your shoes before entering the entrance.


You bring your own towel to the mat and we recommend that you bring your own yoga mat for hygiene reasons.

It is also possible to rent a mat and towel for DKK 10 per part.

Remember to register as a member and register for the class before attending.

Drink plenty of water 24 hours a day up to exercise. Minimum 1 L more than usual.

Wear tight-fitting clothing that you can breathe in and bring your own towel and water bottle.

It is not recommended to eat a large meal in the hours leading up to exercise. But a banana before training gives you energy and helps you maintain fluid balance.

Use your inner sense

During the workout, you need to feel in your body and take all the breaks you need. It usually takes a few more workouts before you turn completely to the heat. So have patience.

Infrared heating

The room is heated up to 37-40 degrees with infrared heat which is a heating source that heats via infrared waves. Long infrared waves make you experience the heat intense and comfortable.


The heat provides great training benefits. The infrared rays have the same abilities as the sun's heat-emitting rays, which penetrate muscles and joints faster and further.


With Hot Infrared panels, the body heats up faster and deeper and you will experience greater flexibility, which e.g. makes it possible to get much deeper into the positions of yoga and pilates.


The deep muscular warm-up also has a positive effect on the excretion of waste products.


The rays are in no way harmful to health, but are believed to have a health-promoting effect. The benefits of training in infrared are many. Mention just a few.

If you want to know more about infrared heating:

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