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Membership conditions

The following conditions apply to your membership in Gilleleje Hot Yoga as of 1 / 11.2019. All prices, fees and the like will always be available on our website.

We point out that changes in prices and conditions may occur on an ongoing basis, but not without notice.

Membership and payment

It is free to be a member of Gilleleje Hot Yoga as a drop in member. You can also choose a fixed subscription with free training for a fixed monthly benefit. You can unsubscribe from your subscription at any time, valid from the 1st of the month. Your notice period therefore depends on when in the month you resign. All payment subscriptions are automatically deducted from the card you have signed up with. Your membership in Gilleleje Hot Yoga is personal and may not be used by anyone other than yourself. By establishing a membership in the association Gilleleje Hot yoga, you accept, in addition to the current membership conditions, our current rules on data policy, and you agree to receive notifications from Gilleleje Hot yoga per. e-mail.

Booking of class

When you book a class as a drop in member, you can unsubscribe again and get your money back until 24 hours before. Thereafter, registration is binding. If you are a permanent member, you must also book, but you will not be charged. Remember to continue unsubscribing if you are prevented so that someone else can get your place.


All training is at your own risk. As a member, you are responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation in activities Gilleleje Hot yoga is not responsible for personal injuries as a result of accidents or other visitors' actions or omissions.


Gilleleje Hot yoga bears no responsibility for loss due to theft or property damage. But we offer to lock your valuables inside a closet during training.

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