Yoga Nidra is a deep (guided) meditation where the body is gradually relaxed to a level where it is "completely still", while the mind works on a deeper focused level of attention, where every single part of the body and mind is relaxed.

In Yoga Nidra we do not add anything to the body from the outside. We do not require movement but rather a state of total immobility and silence - only the mind works. Nidra takes place lying in Shavasana (dead man's position). In Yogien's sleep (Nidra) we create optimal conditions for the body's own recovery and revitalization.


Regular practice of Yoga Nidra affects a deeper level of existence and has the ability to transform deep-seated negative beliefs, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as prevent and positively affect many ailments such as; cardiovascular disease, psychosomatic conditions, insomnia, high blood pressure. Our body knows exactly what it needs to do to achieve perfect balance between body and health, if we give it peace of mind!


In the practice of Yoga Nidra, in preparation we will also work with the meaning of the breath and different levels of consciousness with a focus on open and focused attention.


You will learn to practice Yoga Nidra as part of your holistic yoga practice


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